Diva 0-10 volt Dimmer - Shipping Now!

By David Neel

Lutron expands its 0-10V dimmer offerings with the new Diva 0-10V dimmer.

Key Product Features/Benefits:
-8A, 120-277V (no de-rating at 277V)
-Sink control for sourcing ballasts, drivers, and fixtures. Up to 50mA current on 0-10V link
-Single pole / 3-way
-No power pack required
-Easy retrofit with no neutral
-Patented technology extends relay life to 10 years
-Adjustable high and low-end trim for optimal dimming performance
-Works with wired occupancy sensors with the addition of a power pack

Available Tools:
Visit www.lutron.com/diva or the commercial app for more information:
-0-10V Single Room Solutions Brochure
-Spec Sheet
-0-10V Single Room Solutions Presentation (on commercial app only)
Lutron continues to innovate with new products to control today's lighting technologies.  The new Diva 0-10v wallbox dimmer expands the 0-10v dimming line which includes Maestro 0-10v occupancy sensor, 0-10v RF PowPak and the commerical NovaT 0-10v wallbox dimmer.  Contact us for more information.

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