Homeworks QS and RadioRA2 Updates

By David Neel

Lutron expands its 0-10V dimmer offerings with the new Diva 0-10V dimmer.

The product and software engineers at Lutron have been hard at working with product improvements to help you show, tell and sell Lutron lighting and shading control on your projects.  Here is a review of what was been revealed by Lutron in the last few months


4 Button Pico Wireless Keypad
  • A cost effective way to add control for areas of the home where a backlit keypad isn't required
  • Easy to add a keypad later since the Pico is a battery powered device
  • Available in Homeworks QS or RadioRA2 in 4Q2014 and 1Q2015
Grafik T
  • An alternative to a local Maestro. An updated, contemporary design
  • Available now
Radio Window Sensor
  • Control lights and shades automatically to compensate for shadows, clouds or bright conditions
  • Improve energy savings by raising or lowering shades to optimize solar heat gain
  • Available now in Homeworks QS only. Requires the use of a QSM in the system to receive/process the telemetry
Homeworks QS Specification Keypads
  • A collection of high end keypads. SeeTouch Large Button, new Stanza style and Signature round button style
  • Available October 31st
RF Command Modules
  • Two styles available. A CCO and a 0-10v
  • Wires to a standard j-box and low voltage is connected out to the load
  • Software sees it as a zone
  • Can be controlled by a keypad, Pico or wireless occupancy sensor
  • Great way to incorporate 0-10v LED dimming into projects inexpensively
  • Available in Homeworks QS or RadioRA2 now