Color Tuning with Lutron’s Ketra® Controls

By David Neel

The New York Times compared Ketra lighting to a “mood ring for your room.” With Ketra, you can use color to evoke a feeling in spaces and you can choose from a variety of colors and set them at any time from your smartphone.  Ketra fully integrates with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS to give clients user-friendly controls. Entertaining? Program a “Party Scene” and illuminate the space to fit your needs or light every room differently according to the activity in that room.  You can even use Ketra for a candlelight glow for a relaxing “Dinner Scene”.

It is scientifically proven; tunable lighting aligns with the body’s Human Centric Rhythms. Ketra’s scientists found that humans enjoy a “warm dimming” effect since it emulates how bluish, cool daylight transitions to a golden sunset. Ketra’s lighting system produces a similar effect. You won’t see your lights shift tones. Instead, the light can subtly “tune” while maintaining a clear, white look.

Most LED lights don’t shift tone, they just become “less bright” with dimming. Ketra engineered LED lighting can change colors because each LED bulb uses a four-channel lighting system of blue, white, red and green colors that respond to the environment, so your home will be brighter and emit more blue lighting during the day and softer, warm lighting at night.

To find out firsthand how Ketra works in both residential and commercial applications, talk it over with Neel Lighting & Controls to develop the right plan for your client. Call us at (805) 650-9093.

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