Lutron Electronics Expands Tunable White Capabilities, with T-Series Drivers

By David Neel

Luton's T-Series is an easy 2-channel tunable white solution that packages the LED driver with a specialized tunable white controller and is available in a wide array of fixtures, giving customers ultimate flexibility when designing for human centric lighting applications.

LED lighting is giving users new options for adjusting the color of light to meet their needs. Light sources have historically been purchased with a specific color temperature like “soft white” versus “cool white” fluorescent tube lighting. However, the industry-wide shift to LED lighting offers new capabilities for selecting the exact color of the light and adjust it to meet changing needs in terms of functional lighting as well as aesthetics and wellbeing.

With a comprehensive tunable white portfolio, Lutron is reinforcing its continued efforts to simplify the specification process and deliver solutions that help to Create the Right Environment. The personal control capabilities of tunable white create a dynamic environment that can adapt over time to deliver improved comfort, productivity and wellness for the occupants.

Key features and benefits are digital control, which enables individual control of intensity, guaranteeing consistent performance throughout the space and are ideal for open office spaces, education institutions and hospitality spaces.

Get in touch with Neel Lighting & Controls to learn how T-Series LED dimming drivers can provide a simple, high performance tunable white solution for your next project. We have a working sample which we are eager to show you! For more information contact David Neel at Neel Lighting & Controls, Inc. or call (805) 298-0852.

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