Lutron Vive Revolutionary Commercial Lighting Control

By David Neel

Business owners in the Central Valley and the Central Coast area now have a simple, scalable and wireless way to experience the convenience and energy savings of automated commercial lighting control. This intuitive technology consists of a network that allows you to control all your light fixtures through one system. We are proud to represent Lutron Electronics and their revolutionary Vive series. Vive specializes in commercial systems for new and existing commercial buildings and offices of every size.

What is Vive?
Lutron Electronics has repeatedly created products that make your life simpler and more efficient when it comes to your lighting needs and their Vive series is the ideal lighting solution for your commercial building. 

Lutron’s Vive is a wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings. Vive wireless solutions offer a multi-strategy approach that accommodates an array of budgets and current performance needs, while maintaining flexibility for future needs of a building. Lutron solutions can maximize lighting efficiency, saving you 60% or more lighting energy. Vive wireless lighting solutions are ideally suited for every office, school, or university to create an efficient, comfortable and productive place to work or learn.

Worried about this Vive’s wireless system taking up bandwidth? All Lutron wireless products utilize Lutron’s patented Clear Connect wireless technology, which operates in an uncongested radio frequency band. The result is ultra-reliable communication and smooth dimming performance with no flicker or delay. Other devices, like your audio or video equipment, will not interfere with the Lutron Vive lighting control system.

Lutron Vive offers the freedom and flexibility in the lighting design process. You can build your system from a full suite of products that start with a simple occupancy sensor or a fully integrated lighting management system for an entire building. You choose which solution accommodates your budget and performance needs now and expand your lighting control system as your business grows. In the design phase it’s easy to add or subtract lighting elements from different areas of your building so that you have the exact system that you require. If you need more or less control, it’s easy to make adjustments when the elements are wireless. Its wireless solution, via the Vive wireless hub, centralizes, integrates and controls through Wi-Fi to any smart device using Vive’s simple to use software. You can also adjust lighting settings through Pico switches or your smart phone.

We recently designed a Lutron Vive system for the new Rincon Brewery in Ventura, Ca. We incorporated Vive occupancy sensors and daylight photocells and astronomic time clock to ensure the space is well lit while conserving energy. We design all Lutron lighting control systems to comply with Title 24 lighting codes too. We have a full-time employee on staff who designs all Lutron control systems, including Vive. Talk it over with Neel Lighting & Controls to develop the right plan.

Wireless lighting control streamlines the installation process and reduces your cost. Lutron Vive’s retrofit solutions means installations take 70% less time than wired installations. Vive requires no new wiring, which equals less disruptions in your workspace. Plus, setup can be done through any smart device, no ladder required. Vive makes it simple to totally transform your lighting system. With Lutron Vive you can be confidant that your system works, and keeps on working. If you’re ready for the latest technology in commercial lighting control, contact us today.

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